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New Building Timeline

Construction is now underway of a new mixed-use building on Orr Street that will house Branch 133 of the Royal Canadian Legion on the ground floor with residential condominiums above.

Friday May 19, 2017

After years of waiting in various stages of development, a new condominium project that will double as Cobourg's Royal Canadian Legion branch broke ground on Friday, May 19.

Construction Begins

Once the Ministry s report has been received; the Town has completed the sight plan; we have reviewed and signed this document; the dig will be able to begin. The timeline for completion of the new building is expected to be 16 months from the date the construction starts.

Buy your Unit!

For more information on the condos, known as Harbour Breeze, you can visit

Highlights from the September 10th Building Committee Meeting

Updates (Kevin McKeown,TVM) – the 5th floor walls are going up; the roof is time-tabled to be completed and the roofers scheduled to waterproof in October.

The first delivery of windows for the Legion level and lower upper residential south side are expected in September and will probably be installed by the next October Missile date.

Framing has started on the 2nd and 3rd floor suites.

The tentative completion date is January, February 2020.

Old Business:

Parking Lot –There doesn’t appear to be a problem. Kevin is to follow-up, if nec-essary.

Construction Equipment – Greyfield Construction. Kevin will follow up with Grey-field, there is still some equipment on Legion property.

Joint Facilities Agreement – Amit told Kevin that the lawyer has this. He is hoping to get a draft of the agreement in September and will send this to us.

Respectfully Submitted
Stan Jarvis, Building Committee Chair 905-373-8318

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